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Website Designer Client Testimonials

We have posted a few recent testimonials to show that we are very proud of our global service. Please click the sentences to see the letter in a whole value. We must give notice to the people mentioned on this page. Without our valued clients we would have nothing to create! Thank you for your kind words.


“From the moment that we got in touch with the team at Global website creations  we felt that they were the right firm to fulfill our website needs. Looking forward to continuing our great working relationship with the Global team and the ongoing web services!”
– Grey Cup Champion Bobby Singh

“Global Website Creations met and exceeded all our requirements and created exactly what we wanted for our website. It is now polished and projects the image we want our Co-op to convey.” – Sue Smyth, Foothills Natural Gas Co-op

“The Canadian Pro Rodeo Historical Association would recommend Global Website Creations to anyone seeking a canada website designer. They couldn’t have been more patient or helpful.” – Lester Garnett, President, Canadian Professional Rodeo Historical Association – C.P.R.H.A

“If you choose to use the services of you will not be disappointed with the service and proficient approach they employ with their clients. They definitely deliver what they promise!”– Sincerely, Bibianne Munksgaard, Co-owner, Mountain View Taxidermy Ltd.

“I have no reason to doubt that can complete any task that they say, I highly recommend them.” –  Cindy Rock – Systems Support Analyst, Mountain View Credit Union

“I would highly recommend Global Website Creations to any business looking for website development or management services” – Nancy Neustaeter Owner, Arboriculture Canada Training and Education

“Dallas exhibits the highest standards of responsibility, creativity, professionalism and time management and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”  – Bill Biko Owner, KatSid Housez Inc.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have.


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Creatively yours, the team at Global Website Creations